Our stores have implemented a health protocol that ensures the safety of all our employees.

Corporate Office

Our team at our corporate office in Bois-des-Filion consists of more than 40 employees who work every day to ensure the success of our 42 franchised stores in Quebec and in the Ottawa region. Our corporate office is made up of 8 departments, and is guided by inspiring leaders and managers, each with their own unique background.

We invite you to get to know them!

  • Chantale Lefebvre

    Senior Buyer

    Chantale joined the corporate office team in 2011. Having worked in the field of purchasing, her primary role is to negotiate, develop and find products that meet the needs of consumers, while ensuring profitability. She is responsible for the Furniture segment and is called upon to travel and negotiate, primarily with China. She also manages the chemicals, gazebo and barbecue product segments. What does she enjoy most about her work? Diversity, negotiation, teamwork, as well as the confidence and leeway given to her by management to carry out the programs that are important to her. But above all else, Chantale’s friends and family are very important to her. She also appreciates a good meal, good wine and let’s not forget travels! Chantale is always kind to her colleagues and is appreciated for her experience, involvement, versatility and continued dedication.

  • Julie Berthé

    Senior Buyer

    Julie joined the company as a senior buyer in 2013. Her primary role is to offer the franchisees programs for the purchasing of products from our pool, spa and fitness product lines that will cater to the needs and expectations of their customers. What does she enjoy most about her work? The team she collaborates with on a daily basis and the fact that her work is anything but repetitive. Julie is an avid runner and is particularly fond of local “terroir” products. She enjoys discovering home-grown products, meeting and exchanging with local producers and creators, and getting to know what they’re all about. Julie is someone who has a genuine interest in people. She is appreciated for her expertise, for the support she offers her colleagues, as well as for the passion with which she undertakes every project.

  • Véronique Dion

    Marketing Director

    With over 10 years of experience in the field of marketing, Véronique has been a part of the extended Club Piscine family since early 2019. Given the fact that she loves spending her summer weekends in her pool with her family, it was quite natural for Véronique to come work for the largest pool retailer in Quebec! Véronique leads a seasoned team that manages all advertising and marketing creation activities for the 42 franchisees, in addition to the web aspect for the company. What she enjoys about her work is facing the many challenges it offers, each one more interesting than the next, as well as the unique corporate culture that prevails within the company. What thrills her most in life? Music and travelling with her family. What makes Véronique stand out is without a doubt her openness to new ideas, her team spirit and her infectious smile!

  • Linda Larocque

    Sales and training director

    Linda is a woman of passion! She has been an ambassador for Club Piscine for over 15 years, and is a model of commitment in her role as sales and training director. She is primarily responsible for supporting and coaching the sales advisors from all the stores to help them improve their sales technique. Linda is also in charge of the academy, its purpose is to train the store staff on the latest in-store products and on the current consumption trends. Linda is curious by nature as well as a visionary; several major projects were initiated thanks to her involvement. Linda is known as someone who mobilizes and gathers the troops. Her motto is: “All united for a common goal …Succeed while having fun!” But above all, she places human beings at the core of her concerns. Linda is a devoted colleague, she is always positive and it’s impossible not to smile in her presence.

  • Jacques Naubert

    Director of Commercial Sales

    Jacques was a driving force behind the creation of Club Piscine’s fitness product segment in 2001. He has had a strong passion for training, sports and physical well-being for more than 40 years. He is a visionary; it is to him that we owe the creation of the new business division that was established in 2017. This new division once again enable Club Piscine Super Fitness to enter a new market, namely the corporate client market. It is a booming market that poses a significant challenge. What Jacques appreciates the most is the fact that the company is always on the lookout for ways to improve. The entire team contributes to the success of the new division, and therein lies the secret behind its success. In Jacques’ opinion, Club Piscine Super Fitness has the best team he has ever worked with.

  • Sylvain Joly

    Warehouse Supervisor

    Sylvain has been in charge of our 197,000 sq. ft. warehouse for over 8 years. His dedicated team helps him prepare and organize all store orders. Sylvain makes it a point to provide excellent service to the franchisees coming to pick up their merchandise. He must also ensure he makes the most of available warehouse space, and is called upon to help out during various events held at the corporate office. His passion in life? Family, friends, camping and boating. Sylvain is well-liked by his colleagues because of his sense of organization, his concern for quality and efficient workmanship, but also because of his friendly nature that makes him so endearing!